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trade csgo items and skins 5 games and 3 DLCs for 420 rubles

In the kit, you can find games of completely different genres, and most importantly GRID 2019.

To be honest, I don't know how the selection from Duke Nukem Forever and Party Hard 2 got a racing fresh car, but you have a great chance to buy this kit is for a very small amount.

Let's see what we will spend our 420 rubles on:

Purchase the desired product you can get a set option by clicking on this link . Have a nice game, friends.

And if you want to try your luck in our competition, in which we are playing a pre-order of Serious Sam 4, then go to our Telegram channel , if the link does not work, then enter in the search for the messenger @gamerbay, subscribe and click the "Participate" button . 

We will sum up the results on June 07 at 21: 00 Moscow time. We wish you all good luck!

On our website and in our Telegram channel you will find many more interesting things. Go.

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