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trade csgo items and skins Terraria: Otherworld may appear, but there is one big BUT

The spin-off of the game may still reach a release after being canceled in 2018, but the community needs a joint effort to do so.

Developing an alternative version of the program sandbox started five years ago in 2015 and many thought that the game would soon see the light, but the light did not converge and development was completely stopped in 2018.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Terraria is getting a final update. On this occasion, the official Discord channel started playing games stormy discussions, in which the game's Creator, Andrew Spinks, looked in.  Fans asked hopefully about the development of Otherworld and were taken aback by the answer.

Spinks offered to collect 100 thousand signatures to open the source code of the game and pay him 15 then he will put all the developments on the network for the joy of the community.

At the moment, fans have already created a petition on where, at the time of writing, 2,750 people have already gathered out of the required 100,000. Problems with collecting 15 dollars, probably not either. If the source code gets to the network, the community will still have to do a huge amount of work to bring the unfinished game to mind, or at least to a playable state.

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